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  DPSI is committed to instill in its students constructive learning. We aim for an atmosphere that harbors tolerance, cooperation, respect for each other. Our school espouses, welcomes and encourages that spirit of eco friendliness and sustainable development to enable our children to become productive, responsible citizens.  
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It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see that the sapling that was planted six years ago has now grown into a shady haunt for young academicians. It is by virtue of unconditional love and cooperation from parents, teachers and students that DPSI has been able to achieve the denomination of a leading public school in the city. It is my firm belief that excellence always survives. Therefore, without being perturbed by transitory obstacles, we should keep striving for it.It has been rig Sanjay Dewan (Principal)
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Sanjay Dewan
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AISSCE Practical Examination 2017-18 Dates: Chemistry: Feb 1, 2, 2018. Accounts: Feb 2, 2018. History: Feb 3, 2018. Geography: Feb 5, 2018. Informatics Practices: Feb 6, 2018. Physics: Feb 7, 8, 2018. Painting: Feb 10, 2018. Music (Vocal) : Feb 12, 2018. PHE (Commerce & Humanities): Feb 15, 2018. PHE (Science): Feb 16, 2018. Entrepreneurship: Feb 7, 2018. Business Studies: Feb 3, 2018. Economics: Feb 16, 2018.

Date Sheet for second pre board has been uploaded. Kindly visit downloads link.

Solutions for first pre board for the subjects Physics and Chemistry can be retrieved from Downloads link.

School Timings from Jan 23 onward will be 09:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Winter Holiday assignment can be downloaded from download section.