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Dpsi Chairman's Message CHAIRMAN’s Message
It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see that the sapling that was planted six years ago has now grown into a shady haunt for young academicians. It is by virtue of unconditional love and cooperation from parents, teachers and students that DPSI has been able to achieve the denomination of a leading public school in the city. It is my firm belief that excellence always survives. Therefore, without being perturbed by transitory obstacles, we should keep striving for it.It has been rightly said: Every man falls, But champions simply get up And begin again. I wish my dear students to march ahead glorious path of success and leave indelible marks on the sands of time. Whatever infrastructural needs they require to excel their chosen fields will always be at their disposal. We are constantly at work to further equip our labs in almost all the desciplines. latest technology to transform classrooms into workshops has always been our top priority, but what matters the most is the initiative of the of the individuals as to how they can derives the maximum out of it and use it to their own advantage. Inculcation of such an attitude should always be our prime concern because it is attitude that determines altitude in life. And even after reaching the pinnacle of success we should not be complacent, for even the best can be bettered. With best wishes to the readers.
Sanjay Dewan (Chairman)
Sanjay Dewan