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Senior Secondary Co-Educational School Affiliation to C.B.S.E
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Dpsi Principal's Message Principal’s Message
It is truly an honor to serve as Principal of Dewan Public School International.The role of Principal entails many exciting opportunities associated with student achievement.
We at DPSI embrace the belief that ALL students can learn.Our goal is to provide them the essentials needed for success in a safe and warm environment. Redefining the concept of education, schools are nowadays, high functioning centers of engagement and learning. We support implementation of engaging practices that foster each student's unique potential.

We challenge students to think critically, process information and discuss in a collaborative, open minded manner, through an environment of constructive learning. Emphasis is on intellectual, creative, social, emotional, technological and physical skills necessary to prepare them for life. It is this self reliance which forms the basis of rational analysis and social relationship.

DPSI is committed to providing professional development resources for staff to hone their skills, reflect and demonstrate a lifelong passion for learning. The 5E concept of teaching focuses on scholastic and co scholastic excellence.The staff at DIPS will work together with the priority of having every student's best interest at heart. This year there will be countless new events and activities planned for all of our students. I am looking forward to embarking on an exciting school year.