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Workshops in Dpsi workshops
Dewan Public School International has always been proactive in organizing in-service training programmes for its teachers to hone their pedagogic skills on a regular basis. In pursuit of the same objective DPSI follows a well-defined schedule of workshops & seminars by a number of acclaimed men of letters like Mr. S. K. Gangal, Dr. Balbir Singh Punj, Mr. R. S. Gupta, Mr. Anand and Mrs. Madhu to share their rare expertise with the staff and students of the institution.
Workshops Conducted for the session 2017-18
Date Workshop Topic Department/Subject Resource Person
23-05-2017 English Communication and Core Skills English Ms. Ena & Ms. Namita Seth
23-05-2017 Social Science Social Studies Mr. Baweja
23-05-2017 Teaching Methodology Maths Mr. S.C. Anand
23-05-2017 Standardisation of Language & Lesson Planning Hindi & Sanskrit Mr. Kushal
23-05-2017 Pattern of Preparing Assignments Science Mr. R. K. Sethi
31-05-2017 Mentoring, Teaching Methodologies & Organisational Skills All Teaching Staff Alert Knowledge Services